Students are required to submit 3 projects for reading each quarter. The grading rubrics for each project are listed below. Each of the three projects must be unique. (ex. They can't submit three sketchbooks)

Students may not submit a book project on the following books.
Esperanza Rising
Old Yeller
Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief
Any book that Mr. Larsen has read out loud to the class. (ex. The True Meaning of Smekday)

Due Dates
May 4th
May 18
June 1st


Make A Map

Stage Design

Reading Rainbow Videos - 3 videos count as ONE project


Welcome to our World - travel brochure project

Book to Movie Essay

Loot Rewards

30 Wear slippers in class
60 Wear your hat for the day
360 Wear your hat for a week
30 Use a rolling chair for a day
50 Listen to music (with headphones) during work time
30 Board games at lunch with a friend
10 Chew gum in class not gym
50 Buy 5 minutes of PAT Time
50 Snack in class

Whole Class Rewards
(Everyone pays)

30/student - whole class chrome book time for 30 minutes
30/student - whole class Get a bonus recess or PE for your entire class
50/student - whole class Movie
500/student - whole class
v     Extra field trip
Ø      Get Air
Ø      Triple Play
Ø      Silverwood
Ø      Kroc Center
§         with approval from Principal and PTA

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