Sunday, October 29, 2017

November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Concerns with AR Projects

Several People have expressed concern over the AR Projects.

  1. The grading sheets, with project descriptions are listed on the blog under resources. 
  2. I do expect your child to read 30 minutes each night and take a test when they finish the book

Concerns with Spelling

Last year 6th grade switched to the the Rebecca Sitton Spelling Program. Sitton spelling focuses on high-frequency words. Words that your students should be encounter everyday in their reading. We don't send home a list of 15-20 words that should be memorized each week and then forgotten. We focus on 5 words then the tests require students to use context and basic word experience to complete the test. We can provide you with a list to study. It's about 500 words long and they will show up frequently in tests through out the year but not every week. If you want to practice I can recommend that you focus on this list of Homonyms. 
  • Their
  • They're
  • There
  • Two
  • To
  • Too
  • your
  • you're
And this list of basic words
  • because
  • another
  • a lot
  • through
  • around
  • all
  • also